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Making a release

  1. Update docs:

    • edit the doc/whats_new.rst file to add release title and commit statistics. You can retrieve commit statistics with:

      $ git shortlog -ns 0.998..
    • edit the doc/index.rst to change the ‘News’ entry of the front page.

  2. Update the version number in sklearn/, the __version__ variable

  3. Create the tag and push it:

    $ git tag 0.999
    $ git push origin --tags
  4. create tarballs:

    • Wipe clean your repo:

      $ git clean -xfd
    • Register and upload on PyPI:

      $ python sdist register upload
  5. Push the documentation to the website. Circle CI should do this automatically for master and <N>.<N>.X branches.

  6. Build binaries using dedicated CI servers by updating the git submodule reference to the new scikit-learn tag of the release at:

    Once the CI has completed successfully, collect the generated binary wheel packages and upload them to PyPI by running the following commands in the scikit-learn source folder (checked out at the release tag):

    $ pip install -U wheelhouse_uploader
    $ python sdist fetch_artifacts upload_all
  7. FOR FINAL RELEASE: Update the release date in What’s New